The “Yes” Vote to same-sex marriage, Australia

In a historic survey, majority of Australians voted in favor of allowing same-sex marriage. The Senate will now debate in coming days to change the Marriage Act.
61.6 percent voted Yes and 38.4 percent voted No out of nearly 13 million Australians, officials announced on Wednesday morning in Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey.
You can check out the survey results here –
Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said, “The Australian people have spoken, and they have voted overwhelmingly ‘yes’ for marriage equality”. He wants to make it legal by Christmas.
Australians have long been in favor of marriage equality but wanted to maintain the traditional definition in law that’s what the government were stick to.
Former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, under the pressure announced there would be national vote to take the decision. But after the legislation was blocked twice in the Australian senate, he couldn’t make it possible. Malcolm Turnbull, Abbott’s successor, announced national postal vote would be held and then voting opened on September. And yesterday the “Yes” vote won.
If we talk about India, same-sex marriages is not yet legal. Same-sex couples are not offered limited rights such as a civil union or a domestic partnership yet. LGBT rights agencies are working in winning the rights on same-sex marriage. Working out to repeal Section377 of the Indian Panel Code. Even a member of AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) Medha Patkar in 2014 stated that her party supports same-sex marriage.

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